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We search scientific and clinical publications to find information you can use when making health and lifestyle decisions. “Protecting Your Health” delivers educational interviews with cutting edge professionals and researchers and answers to some frequently asked questions weekly.

You can also find out who we are – and who we’ve helped.

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Adult Health

Find out more about women’s and men’s health and fitness.

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Children & Teen Health

Young people eat, think, and act on a whole different set of rules than adults – and so respond differently to words, actions, and situations. We research to find ways for you to help the children and teens in your world.

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Senior Health

Just because the calendar shows we’re aging doesn’t mean we need to act or feel older – yet! We search for options – based on scientific and medical studies – to help you maintain or improve your level of physical and mental fitness.

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All dentists are NOT created equal and the treatment they perform can seriously damage your physical and mental health – regardless of your age. The dental profession is NOT regulated to protect patients from all kinds of toxic and harmful substances used every day – some not changed for over 100 years! The continued use of archaic and poisonous chemicals and materials, like mercury fillings, metal crowns and fluoride for children, attack healthy cells and organs in your body. Learn what you can do to protect you and your family from these exposures. And how to choose a responsible dentist for your care!

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Pet Health

The PetSide segments on Protecting Your Health offer valuable tips for keeping your pet safe and healthy – your pet may be helping you to stay healthy!

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